On The Lake Barbara is a person we feel was not just an officiant.  We have come to hold her near and dear to our hearts.  Her professional presence, bubbly personality, bright sparkling eyes, laughter and flair exuded a true, heartfelt passion as she facilitated our union. She understood how nervous I was and calmed my nerves before the vows.  She pegged our relationship perfectly in her special personal words to the bride and groom.  From the start, communication with Barbara was such an absolute pleasure. The. emails were replied to right away.  Our phone conversations were a joy.  Barbara is an amazing officiant and a wonderful, blessed woman. If you are wanting an officiant who has humour, spirit,  and professionalism, she is the one for you. Through our wedding experience, she became part of our family and she will always be part our hearts. 

Cherish it forever! Barbara made our wedding Day an incredible experience. From the first moment we spoke it was evident what a sweet caring and amazing officiant Barbara is. Barbara made planning our wedding ceremony so easy and relaxed. She took care of all the details and made sure that both  my husband and I had our input to make the ceremony special to us. The day of our wedding Barbara made sure that all our wishes were reflected and she was a key piece of our amazing day! Leading up to wedding Barbara took the time to get to know my husband and I and the special history we share. What a joy to work with such an incredible woman. Thank you so much Barbara and I thank you again for the lovely keepsake you left us, we will cherish it forever!

Heartfelt and Sincere. Barbara is an amazing officiant. We felt so comfortable with her the first time that we met her when she welcomed us into her home to discuss our wedding. She made suggestions on how things would flow nicely, and worked some different and unique requests in beautifully. The way she words things, and recites them is heartfelt and sincere. Many of my guests made comments on what a wonderful officiant we had and how much they enjoyed our ceremony. You can tell Barbara truly enjoys what she does with her words, her facial expressions and care that goes into her work. Thank you Barbara! 

Breath of Fresh Air Including Barbara in our wedding plans was a breath of fresh air. Both of us feel truly, lucky to have had someone so positive and upbeat share in our special day.  She was flexible, open to any ideas, and truly made sure that our wishes were what mattered most.  With so many details involved in planning a wedding, we had full confidence that we would not need to worry about Barbara at all.  She made the experience at both the rehearsal and the ceremony an outstanding one.  We highly recommend Barbara Cragg and can truly say that we will remember who married us 20 years from now.
- Mandy

The Mountain Barbara is such a good sport!  On very short notice, (everything arranged in under one week), we asked Barbara to be our marriage officiant and if she could keep a secret and climb a mountain. It is really just a hill behind our house but very steep and just a narrow game trail. As we are middle aged, second marriages, with four adult children we did not want a lot of fuss. So we set a date. Then friends who were scheduled for a later visit asked to come early, ok so three more people to keep in the dark. 

The ploy was ask the kids to come for a walk then lunch and be on time because a friend from the camera club wanted to take pictures from the top of the cliffs behind our house. We worried that several phone calls to ensure timing for rides etc. would tip off the kids that something was up. Our friends who arrived a few days ahead and already hiked the hill had to be cajoled into another hike.

Barbara arrived and put on a stellar performance as a new friend.  We dressed in our best hiking clothing and started up the trail.  In the flurry of turning to talk to new people along a skinny trail Barbara lost her footing.  A shriek made those in front turn to see her throttle a poor little fir tree as she swung off the trail.  Mortified, we helped her up amid Barbara's laughter and assurances that she was fine and would keep her eyes on the not so straight and narrow.  

The bride picked grasses for a bouquet as she climbed.  At the top we gently herded people together at the chosen spot and then Barbara said " Not everything is as it seems, we are gathered to perform a wedding".  The bride handed her daughter the bouquet of grass and the daughter immediately burst into tears.  The sons laughed and all were so surprised they nearly fell off the mountain.  Barbara deftly arranged the small group and produced our scripts.  We said our vows on our own property high above the Spallumcheen valley on a beautiful sunny day in early November.  A flock of ravens appeared and circled above as we kissed.   We had the most fun with the surprise and thank Barbara for helping make our wedding special.
- Colleen and Glenn

Our bond and history We got married in the summer of 2011 and our entire wedding experience was remarkable.  Vital to that was partnering with an appropriate, loving, understanding, and genuinely happy Marriage Officiant.  Barbara was integral in the success of our day and we could not have been happier with her presence.

During our wedding planning, Barbara met with us on three occasions as a way to not only understand the tone in which we viewed our ceremony, but also to understand our bond and history.  This was absolutely apparent on our wedding day, Barbara channelled each one of our wishes and spoke with love, grace, and joyfulness.

Barbara’s gift is also her true passion.  As planning and carrying out an important event is demanding and personal, we can only recommend that you partner with Barbara to help fulfill your vision and ensure your success.

Thank you, Barbara!
-Kim & Taylor​​​​​​​​

Not Your Typical Bride and Groom
We are both retirees in our early sixties so we wanted a ceremony that represented where we are in our life while still highlighting our love for eachother. Barbara met with us before the wedding and customized our ceremony to fit us to a ''T". Her sense of humour and bubbly personality made the event fun and light hearted, yet sincere.

We had so many comments from our guests about our ceremony and in particular the officiant. What an amazing day.

Thank you Barbara

Just wanted to say thank-you for doing such a wonderful job at Kelly and Chuk's wedding! Tim and loved your professionalism and sincerity. I am so sorry that we didn't get a chance to thank you that day but we got caught up in the whirlwind of the moment. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for an officiant.

Thanks again and god bless you.
Sincerely Karen ( mother of the happy bride)​