Motivational Presenter
​​Are you looking for someone to inspire and motivate your group? As well I offer one on one personal mentoring. Services are for Business meetings, graduations, conference keynotes, school events or organizational start-up events, these are my specialities.  Individually or in a group, the human spirit can benefit from an injection of energy, inspiration and humour.  The "you can do this" message comes in a variety of shapes and designs, with unlimited options for focus and content. ​

"May you touch your spirit, remember who you are and connect with your power. Dare to LOVE openly, fly without fear and bear witness to your own potential and abundance!"
- Barbara Cragg
• Anti-bullying
• Teambuilding 
• Daring to be great​​

• Parenting skills
• Working towards peace
• Fostering self-esteem
​​My work is inclusive of children, teens and adults.  Often subjects addressed have been parent, child or school related.  Music (song and guitar), laughter and audience participation are sometimes part of the spin.  Energy and optimism are guaranteed underpinning of all offerings. 
If you have a special topic you would like to explore with me beyond those listed above, please feel free to ask.  
It would be my delight to work with you and to offer some GO POWER to you and yours!! Let me be your  delivery vehicle and offer your message to your audience on your behalf. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future!
Let me be your delivery vehicle and offer a message of faith and hope. If you have an idea you would like to explore, please call or e-mail me.