Grief and loss are a part of the circle of life. For everything, there is a season.  The season for grieving can challenge our every belief, remind us of our own mortality and leave us feeling broken.  When grief is the result of the loss of a loved one, our lives are forever changed.  
At such times, it is important to find hope and comfort for ourselves and for those close to us.  We need to acknowledge sorrow, celebrate memories and make meaning of what has happened.  Giving ourselves permission to allow honest emotion and knowing that we are safe are important to the healing process. Grief is both personal and individual.  There is no one way to grieve.
I would be honoured to take your hand and help you and your family through this difficult time.  My offering includes a meeting to discuss your wishes as you decide how to honour the memory of your loved one, as well as the preparation and delivery of the service at the memorial or celebration of life.    Whatever you decide, and whatever your spiritual beliefs, I am most happy to honour and support you in my role as a Minister and Celebrant
My experience and training as a counselor inclusive of grief counseling training, palliative pastoral hospice work, and emergency response support is an indicator of the breadth and depth I offer.  My constant intention is to be a compassionate listener and to  incorporate what you request into a ceremony that truly represents your wishes and honours your loved one.
My service to you includes meetings, personal support, preparation and the ceremony. I do hope that you will feel comfortable contacting me.  I wish you peace, love and gifts of spirit as you find your way through this difficult passage.  May comfort and light surround you!​​​​​​​​​

"May you hold close to your heart the certain truth that energy and LOVE are eternal. No matter how it seems in the moment, we are forever connected, each to the other."
-Barbara Cragg