Working towards an outcome that is truly a win/win for conflicting parties is both challenging and hopeful.  When people have differing opinions and perceptions, difficulty working respectfully and honestly together may be the result.  It can be helpful to utilize the support of an objective mediator to find common ground, help identify and examine goals and real issues, and work co-operatively toward mutually positive solutions.   
Conflict situations involving people of all ages and life circumstances may have their beginnings in relationships and situations at home, in school, in the workplace, or in the neighbourhood.  Conflict is part of being human.  Often times, ego, anger and upset are a part of the scene.  When involved parties are willing to come together and meet in good faith, then the process also holds valuable potential for learning, growth, forgiveness and peace.
I have training and experience in the processes of:
• mediation
• conflict resolution
• delivery of peace programs
It would be my honour to assist you as you work towards a peaceful resolution. 
This offering is for adults, teens and children alike.  It is my hope that as we work together, I might share with you the tools of the conflict resolution process so that you are able to readily apply them for yourselves in the future.  
It would be my pleasure to sail you safely through the rough waters of conflict to a peaceful shore.  Enquiries by phone or e-mail are welcome!


"May you appreciate that true victory will come only when you and your opponent are both satisfied.  Beyond anger and hurt, let your intention be guided by LOVE for others and for yourself."
- Barbara Cragg