Wedding FAQ's
1. How long is the average wedding ceremony?
Most usually, a ceremony will last between 20 and 30 minutes depending on size of wedding party, special touches etc.  It is my opinion that longer than 35 minutes is too long and shorter than 15 minutes is overly short but I am more than happy to follow your lead.  ?  “Your Day, Your Way!!!!”

2.  If we are from out of province, where do we get our marriage license?
You will pick up your marriage license from a government registry in the province where you will be married.  In B.C. you will need to show your birth certificates and will pay $100.  Wherever you live you will pick up your license sometime within a three month window of your ceremony date.

3.  What information do we need to provide to our officiant?

Your officiant will need to know birth names and places of birth for both sets of parents.  You will also need to provide the names of two witnesses.  (Witnesses are often best man and maid of honour but you may have anyone who has witnessed your ceremony sign.)

4.  In B.C., how do we get our marriage certificate?
In B.C. your certificate will be automatically mailed to your home address wherever in the world you live.  If you get married in Alberta, you will need to apply for your certificate sometime after your ceremony.   On the day of your ceremony you will receive a Statement of Marriage from your officiant.  This is not a legal document. 

5.  Do we need to wait for the marriage certificate before we can say we are legally married?
No.  You are  legally married when the ceremony has concluded and when the license has been signed.


Wedding Refferals

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